The easiest way to generate targeted traffic is signature files. Don't forget to use this easy marketing technique.

A signature file (in short sig file) is the information placed at the very end of an email message or at the bottom of an article or a forum or newsgroup post. It only contains three to six lines of text, but despite its size it can be very, very powerful.

Your signature file should contain a message geared towards the public you're addressing. Many people are missing the point here and their sig file is either too general or way off target. Think about your message. What do you want it to convey, what is your most wanted response? That should be very clear to you.

Next you have to make one compellling sentence that conveys that message. It's your headline and it's as important as a headline! Treat it as such and write as many of them as you can come up with. Then test them. Use as a start.

Of course you should include a call for action in your signature files. Either an URL or an email address. Always tell the reader what you want her to do. If you think it's wise, include your physical address too and your telephone number. Use anything to spread the news AND to get in contact with your reader. That's what the sig files are for. And they are free!

You have to create several signature files. Depending on your target audience or the receiver of your email you can select an appropriate sig. If you save them you can use them as a swipe file.
Thus you can also use them if for advertising classifieds. Because using them as a sig file and checking the response, you already know which ones deliver your message.

To draw extra attention to a signature file I've seen many beautiful text arts around it, but in my opinion that only distracts readers from your message. So I keep that simple. I use this one:
======> Affordable Online Strategies <==========
as the intro of my sig file.

It's very simple and it works. If you're better in text arts you can design a better one. Here's one example I always recognize. Do you?


It's from Paul Myers, famous copywriter and list builder expert and if you're not familiar with this one, you should immediately subscribe at

So the main lesson here is: always use a signature file. It's free and easy to implement.
But here's the big deal:
Your signature file works like guerilla marketing in forums.

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