The most important marketing strategy you absolutely must use while driving visitors to your website.

Implementing a strategy is an aboslute must. Here's why.
Internet marketing begins with traffic generation. No matter what marketing technique you use, you have to get visitors to your website. Because you have a product or a service that you want to sell.
Turning prospects into customers (selling) on a website is done by copywriting, the web's equivalent of a salesman.
Getting those prospects to your site is website marketing!

Almost every marketer, beginner or experienced, knows this. So everybody enters the virtual war to get lots and lots of prospects. From buying traffic, showing banners, link exchanges, startpage programs, classifieds, etc. etc. to ezine advertising and buying links. Traffic begins to flow to their websites. The Web is a big numbers game.

Then what happens?
The visitors browse through the page and clicks away.
Or they visit another page before clicking away.
Or maybe, when you're lucky, she will read another page and then clicks away.

Guess what?
You will never see her back!!

On average, only about 1% (or less, depending on your copy) of your visitors will will do what you want them to do during their first visit.
That's called conversion rate. Defined by famous strategic Internet marketer Paul Myers as:
Conversion Rate: The percentage of people who see your offer who actually do what you're asking them to do.
That means that 99% of your hard earned prospects will leave you without ever saying goodbye.
Even when it's not 1% but 2% that will do something you still miss out on 98%.
What a waste of effort, time and maybe money. Is that a good strategy?

The 'Big Guys' know this. And they know that it takes about 7 contacts with new prospects before anything will happen. So they realize that they have to keep in touch with their visitors. That's what their marketing strategy is all about.
And that exactly what YOUR strategy should be!
Stay in touch with as many visitors to your website as possible.
How? Simple:
Offer them a free report, a free course or something like that with a catching title and real value. Let them sign up and build a list of interested prospects. The best resource for this kind of marketing is an autoresponder. If you don't know how they work, try a free one first. If you want a real professional one, here's the most professional marketing tool.

I suggest you start using this marketing strategy and the tools right away. Or find another one with tools. The main point is: implement a strategy now. Your Internet success greatly depends on it.

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