How to profit from other people's lists using joint ventures in a win-win situation.

The basic idea of a joint venture is that one party, owning only one part of a possible deal, is trying to set up a relationship with a second (and third) party who has the second (and third) part of the deal. Keyword in a joint venture is relation!

The most used example for a joint venture is one party having a (great) product and the other party having a (great) list that she can endorse the product to. But there are many more examples.

I invite you to take a (free) course. You will learn the how, what, when and where about joint ventures. It's free and I'm sure it will be very valuable for you. Bookmark this page first, because there's more and then click the link to take the Free Joint Venture Course.

Ok, now you know about joint ventures. As I mentioned before, the keyword in a joint venture is relation and relationship.
Suppose you have a great product and you're ready to make a win-win deal with someone else, who would you send your proposal. If you would send it to someone you don't know, how great a chance would you have?
If a complete stranger would stop you while walking on the street, would you listen to his proposal? Would you step into it? Guess not. Why? Because you don't know him or her, so you're afraid! You experience worry, concern, insecurity.

So what we do before stepping into a deal is this:
  • we build a list to create a relationship with our readers;
  • we exchange articles to create a relationship with other publishers;
  • we visit forums to answer questions to build a relationship with other members;
  • we join chat rooms to build relationships with other chatters;
  • we email our peers and ask them questions to build relationships;
  • etc. etc.
While doing this we always try to find out what the other party can mean for us: how big a list do they have, what niche are they targeting, what reputation do they have and yes, ..... how much money are they making.

Now that's a long, long process!

Suppose you would know a marketplace filled with experienced marketers with giant lists willing to help you and ready to accept good joint ventures.
Would you go there?
That's what I did! Or rather, that's what happened to me. I met the co-authors at the Affiliate Showcase and built a relationship with them. When they started this joint venture, they invited me to join! I signed up right away. If you see the names involved there's no better way to build relationships than this one. It's worth every cent, actually it's a bargain, because it saves me time, I'm learning and I'm surrounded by the most experienced marketers on the Net!

One of them is famous marketing expert Jim Daniels. He says:
"JVAlert is brilliant."
I'm not one to throw testimonials around. In fact, I endorse just a few sites a year. But I had to tell you that JVAlert is brilliant. I've done some powerful JV's over the years, that have yielded as much as $20,000 a pop. So I know the power of JVs. And now with your system, I'll be able to get in first, on the best products and services in my niche, without having to actively seek them out. This will save me tons of time finding those elusive high-yield JV partners. As a member of JVAlert, now they'll come to me!

Jim Daniels
Make a Living Online
It's not easy to join this outstanding marketplace. It's by invitation only (go to the site at and you'll see).
But if you're really serious about joint ventures I invite you to join. Click the link to set up a good joint venture.

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