Forum postings, because of their highly targeted character, are the ultimate guerilla marketing technique.

Lots of postings in forums are questions to get advice. Others may be building a name by answering those questions and giving advice. Basically it's a bit of courtesy to help out others and a bit of branding a name. Forums are also a meeting place where you can make contacts with others or try to find joint venture partners. But the most powerful feature of postings to forums is leaving your 'business card' in the form of a signature file.

On most popular forums you are allowed to close your postings with a signature.
You can tell immediately if you lurk a bit to see what is allowed. Because those posts attract targeted traffic, you should write an answer to a question or ask a question there. And then use your signature file.

Of course you have to follow the forums rules in doing so. Blatantly advertising your site will get you nowhere. In fact, that may deliver some nasty answers from other forum members and ultimately your IP-address may be banned.

So you have to give an honest answer or post an honest question. And then leave a sig that is most appropriate for the issue at hand.
Because you want to persuade readers to visit your site where they can find more answers about the topic. And you can only do that with honest advice and appropriate links.

Thus you can promote your site using forums postings AND, if you're postings and links are really good, you are branding yourself bit by bit as the expert.
Together with the targeted traffic you will receive as a result of these postings you can easily see why I call forums postings guerilla marketing, right?

You can add a bit more value to that if you can use a graphic or a cover about the issue at hand. It will boost credibility and click-throughs.

Also never forget that it's still marketing your doing. Show that in the sig-file you're leaving behind. Come up with a great header that gets the attention.
Which sig you think will pull better:

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Think about that before posting!

Making posts to forums takes time, in particular tracking replies and answering them. As I often will repeat throughout this website, time is the only asset you can't buy!

So here's an outstanding tool to automate your forum postings. This tool alone will save you lots of time while branding yourself as an expert!

Now, go out and make some postings yourself. Type your favorite item in a search engine and add forums or discussion boards to it. Use the tool I mentioned above to set it up right from the beginning to save you dozens of hours.
First lurk a bit to see how it's done. Then, slowly try to answer some questions or ask one yourself. You'll be amazed about the responses you may get.
Here's an overview of marketing forums I often visit and post to: Marketing Forums

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