Why most ezine advertising is done the wrong way and how you should use this marketing technique to your advantage.

Lots of ezines or newsletters contain some form of advertising. Some of them are full of ads and classifieds, some contain top and middle sponser advertisments and some do solo advertising. Many of them have a mix of these advertising categories.

I guess you are subscribed to some good ezines.
Have you ever noticed that when some marketing expert releases a new product, the same ads for that product pop up in different ezines? Well, that's because the people who advertise are an affiliate of the marketing expert and they use the ad template provided by that expert. They don't change it. Instead they hurry to publish the ad in whatever ezine thus hoping to be one of the first, because only then you can make some money. If you are number 10 advertiser readers get bored and response rate will drop drastically.

That is NOT the way you should use ezine advertising! Because only the very first advertisers will have some success.
And if you own the ezine, think twice if someone ask you to publish such an ad. If your readers have seen it elsewhere they may get tired too. "Yawn.... seen that already, not for me... yawn ...."

Ezine advertising is a good marketing technique, provided that you know what you're doing. This is how I use it.

If I want to promote a product or a service to my ezine readers I use it myself first. I try to find an angle that was missing in the promotional letter and that may interest my readers. I'll actually write a sort of review. Then I publish it. As my own opinion. And that message will be unique.

Next, I'll try to find a unique headline. I'll test that headline using the free service of my good friend Sid Hale at http://ad-clix.com/Headlines2Go/. It's not perfect, because the public there will mostly consist of webmasters, but it's a very good start. As soon as the results are in I have 2 or 3 headlines I can use to test in ezine advertising.

Then I make an ad. Always keep in mind that advertising is a two or even three step technique to get what you want. I want the best results for my advertising dollars, so I'll keep to my marketing strategy of getting an email address. In general, response rates are lower when readers have to give me their address, but on the other hand I can always contact them again. So the price per response goes up (lower responses) but the long term chances of making a sale increase.

Next I try to find out what ezines are in the target market of that product or service. Of course it's of no use to promote a marketing product to a beauty ezine, but even webmaster ezines are different. Some are more technical, others are more geared towards marketing. So you have to know the ezine you are advertising in. In other words: you have to subscribe to it and read it!

Once you're familiar with the target group of the ezine you can try an ad. Start slow and always, always record the number of responses. Then try another ad changing only one thing (always start with headlines, remember, you have two or three of them) and check response again. Use the winner and try to improve that one.

Here's an overview of ezine advertising resources I have used in the past, but the very best one is a special listing of Ezines. A lifetime memebership will give you an unvaluable source of detailed descriptions of thousands of ezines. It stops you from spending hours of searching for good ezines to advertise in.
Click the link to find out more about the best ezine advertising resource. Sign up now and save lots of time.

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